Gulf Coast, 29.1

"Orpheus, Asymptote" and "Motion, Moved"

Sycamore Review, 27.2"On Distance"

Interview with The Newark Writers Collective

Wreck Park, 02"Inside-Out Joke"

Pleiades, 36.2: "For the Dead" 

The Journal, 39.3: "To the Altar"

Indiana Review, 37.1: "Recovery"

Cream City Review, 38.2: "Cohabitation" and "Very Superstitious"

The Normal School, 7.2: "Liar" and "Undressed Memory"

Slice Magazine, 15.0: "Nearly"

The Literary Review, 57.1: "Song" and "Self-Portrait with Questions" "The Modernist Architect"

The Minetta Review: "Stain"

North Dakota Quarterly: "Realignment,"  "Renovation," "The New Animals," "The Strangler Fig," "Leda and Other Women," "Sympathy for the Woman Trying to Steal My Lover," and "In Response to: What Is Becoming?"

Literary Laundry, 1.2: "Your Stillness and Flight"